Configuration : NICE DCV

In order to setup NICE DCV, we need to do two steps. Firstly download the NICE DCV Client from here and install on your particular operating system. Next, on the GPU node you’ve created, you need to create a password for ec2-user, as we are assessing these instances via a SSH key but for the NICE DCV we need to use a username (ec2-user) and a password, which needs to be set:

sudo passwd ec2-user

Next we need to create a DCV session by the following command (cfd is just an example name of your session):

dcv create-session cfd

You can now take use the public IP that you used to SSH and connect to the instance using your NICE DCV client:


Enter the username e.g ec2-user and then your password


You’ll then be brought to your desktop where you can run your applications


However just like FSx, we also want to make sure you don’t have to redo this everytime you reboot your machine. This process is explained here

sudo vi /etc/dcv/dcv.conf

On line 38, please change to the following line:

create-session = true

Then change on line 67 the owner to the ec2-user that we’re using on this instance:


Now that this is done the next time you reboot the instance a new session will automatically be created meaning you can just login using the username and password without going through these steps again.