Configuration: Security Groups

We can check on the instance by going to our EC2 console and you should see your Master node from your ParallelCluster and the newly created G4dn.4xlarge instance.


Firstly we need to make sure that this node can communicate to the HPC Cluster we created in the previous section. This is particularly important for FSx for Lustre. The simpliest way is to add the ParallelCluster security group that FSx for Lustre was created with, to the EC2 instance. To do this, you can click ‘Actions, Security, Change Security groups’.


You can see that you have the security group attached that you created at launch (NICE DCV) however we want to add the ParallelCluster security group. To do this just search for ParallelCluster and select the MasterSecurityGroup one as shown in the image below:

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