Setting a Budget

AWS provides a range of ways to control and optimize your spend. For a new account the two most information services are AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets. In these two services you can see a precise breakdown of your spend per service, region etc. AWS Budgets allows you set up daily, weekly or monthly budgets which you can be alerted upon. You can read more about this here.. However for the purposes of this workshop we will create a daily cost budget where you will receive an e-mail if your spend exceeds $5 in a single day.

Lets start by searching for Budgets in the top search bar. budget-1

From there we can click ‘Create a Budget’ and then opt for the ‘Cost budget’. budget-2

We can now switch to a daily budget and set a figure of $5 and leaving all the rest as defaults. You can then click at the button to ‘Configure thresholds’.

You can now set a percentage threshold e.g 80%, and then enter your e-mail address instead of Finally, click ‘Create Budget’ and you will start to get an e-mail if you hit your $4 limit.

Please be aware however that the billing information is refreshed every 8-12hrs so it is still possible to exceed your daily budget and you should therefore be mindful of the cost of all AWS services you are launching.