STAR-CCM+ Installation

Due to the need to agree to a license agreement, the software hasn’t been preinstalled thus before running the simulations we need to install it. The first step is to upload the install files by following the steps in ‘Section 2: Creating a S3 bucket’.

Assuming you’ve done that, lets connect to the cluster created in Section III and download the files from our S3 bucket:

Please note that at present STAR-CCM+ is only available for x86 e.g Intel, so you cannot use STAR-CCM+ on an Arm cluster if you created one in Section 3.

First, enter the following command as described in Section III to connect to the cluster using NICE DCV through your web browser.

pcluster dcv connect cfd -k ~/cfd_ireland.pem --show-url

Open up the terminal app (under Activities) and then type:

 aws s3 ls bucketname

You should see the contents of the bucket listed which should include the installation file. Proceed to type the following commands which will download the installation file from your S3 bucket to the cluster (change the ending if you have already untarred it).

Lets firstly move to our FSx disk by typing:

 cd /fsx/

Then we can copy the installation file from our S3 bucket there:

 aws s3 cp s3://bucketname/ .

We then need to unzip it with the following command (or tar -xf if you have a .tgz file):


Finally we will navigate to the installation folder:

 cd STAR-CCM+15.06.007_01_linux-x86_64-2.17_gnu9.2

And then run the installation command:



If you run this through the GUI, you will see the following window pop up. If you do these commands via the terminal (e.g you SSH’d to the cluster) you will instead be asked to accept the license terms and then choose the installation location - /fsx/STAR-CCM+ .

install-2 For the GUI installation please click next and then select the ‘custom installation’ option

install-2 Please proceed to click next until you reach the screen which asks for the installation location. Please type /fsx/STAR-CCM+ and then confirm that you want the directory to be created.

You can then click next and proceed to untick the FlexLM License as you won’t need this.


The final screen should look like the following, at which point the installation is complete.


You can create an alias to this so that when you’re on the cluster you can type ‘starccm’ and it’ll launch the application.

To do this place the following line in your ‘~/.bashrc’ file:

 alias starccm='/fsx/STAR-CCM+/15.06.007/STAR-CCM+15.06.007/star/bin/starccm+'

Everytime you open up a new terminal tab you’ll be able to use this.

Finally you can return to the base folder:

 cd /fsx/

Where you can delete the installation files that are no longer needed (as they are in S3):

 rm -rf STAR-CCM+15.06.007_01_linux-x86_64-2.17_gnu9.2