AWS Management Console

To log into the AWS Management Console, navigate to the main AWS page and click on either “Sign in to the console” or ‘Create an account’ depending on whether you’ve already created an account.


You will be prompted for an Account ID or alias, IAM user name, and password. If you have just created a new account you will need to sign up with your root user e-mail and password.


Once you are logged into the AWS Management Console, spend some time becoming familiar with the webpage. This page is a central place you can use to find and learn about AWS services as well as to manage and monitor your account. Some key items to note are the Search Bar and the AWS region menu, which allows you to select where you would like your AWS resources to be located.

AWS currently has 24 regions, which each contain multiple Availability Zones, each containing one or more data centers, spread out across the globe where you can run your CFD simulations. We typically recommend Ireland for EMEA, N. Virginia or Ohio for US and Tokyo for APAC so that you can have the best availability of HPC relevant services combined with the lowest possible latency. You can select this in the top right corner on all AWS Console pages.

To start off just type EC2 into the search bar at the top and select EC2 to head to the EC2 dashboard.