FDS Installation

The first step is to upload the install files by following the steps in ‘Creating a S3 bucket’ (or alternatively you can use Git or wget to pull installation files from online here). The following example is assuming FDS 6.7.4, however a similar process could be followed for other versions of FDS.

Please note that these steps only work for an Intel/AMD cluster. Arm cluster creation installations will be provided shortly.

Assuming you’ve done that, lets connect to the cluster:

pcluster ssh cfd -i ~/cfd_ireland.pem

Then lets check what’s in our S3 bucket:

 aws s3 ls bucketname

You should see the contents of the bucket listed which should include the installation files. Proceed to type the following commands which will download the installation file from your S3 bucket to the cluster.

Lets firstly move to our FSx disk by typing:

 cd /fsx/

Then lets create a folder for fds-smv

 mkdir /fsx/fds-smv/

Then we can copy the installation file from our S3 bucket there:

 aws s3 cp s3://bucketname/FDS6.7.4_SMV6.7.14_lnx.sh .

Alternatively you can download the FDS installer from NIST.

wget -q https://github.com/firemodels/fds/releases/download/FDS6.7.4/FDS6.7.4_SMV6.7.14_lnx.sh
chmod +x FDS6.7.4_SMV6.7.14_lnx.sh

Then to Install:


When installing please use /fsx/fds-smv as an installation directory.

To verify the installation went through we check the installation:

source /fsx/fds-smv/bin/FDS6VARS.sh 
source /fsx/fds-smv/bin/SMV6VARS.sh                                                                     
fds -version
smokeview -version

You should see:

[ec2-user@ip-10-0-0-22 fsx]$ fds -version
FDS revision       : FDS6.7.4-0-gbfaa110-release
MPI library version: Intel(R) MPI Library 2019 Update 4 for Linux* OS

[ec2-user@ip-10-0-0-22 fsx]$ smokeview -version

Smokeview  SMV6.7.14-0-g568693b-release - Mar  9 2020

Revision         : SMV6.7.14-0-g568693b-release
Revision Date    : Wed Mar 4 23:13:42 2020 -0500
Compilation Date : Mar  9 2020 16:31:22
Compiler         : Intel C/C++
Checksum(SHA1)   : e801eace7c6597dc187739e51ba6f546bfde4e48
Platform         : LINUX64

In case you get an error here; please check that you changed the installation directory when installing FDS.